Back to School

Whether you need a lunch bag, lunch box, food flask, or ice brick – Smash® has your Back to School list sorted! Smash create sustainable products that help you pack a zero waste and healthy lunch!

5 Piece Eco Lunch Pack – Navy
Basic Lunch Bag
Food Flask 400ml – Khaki
Food Flask 500ml – Black / Gold
Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Unicorn Case and Bottle
Stealth Water Bottle 500ml – Navy
Grey Twin Wall Thermal Bottle 500ml
Diamond Fashion Water Bottle 700ml
Unicorn Sipper Water Bottle 450ml
Doughnut Fashion Water Bottle 700ml
Basic Case – Grey/Blue
Unicorn Reversible Sequins Case and Bottle 500ml
Stainless Steel Sipper 750ml – Grey
Stainless Steel Sipper Water Bottle 750ml – Sage
Tracker Water Bottle 700ml – Sage
Bungee Lunch Bag With Pocket
Bunny Backpack Lunch Bag
Bunny Sipper Water Bottle 400ml
Colour Change Water Bottle 700ml
Active Chugger Water Bottle 1L
Glitteratti Fashion Sipper Water Bottle 500ml
Laurel Fashion Water Bottle 700ml
Navy Water Bottle with Water Timings 700ml
Chugger Water Bottle with Infuser basket 750ml
Blue Camo S2 Lunch Bag
Fashion Leopard Coral Water Bottle 700ML
Unicorn Fashion Water Bottle 700ml
Camo Water Bottle 700ml Blue
3D Shark Insulated Lunch Bag with 500ml Drink Bottle
Kids Shark Sipper Water Bottle 450ml
3D Butterfly Insulated Lunch Bag with 500ml Drink Bottle
Kids Butterfly Sipper Water Bottle 450ml
Oddesey Len Insulated Lunch Bag with 500ml Drink Bottle
Oddesey Sipper Water Bottle 700ml
3D Cat Insulated Lunch Bag with 500ml Drink Bottle
Leopard Sipper Water Bottle 700ml
Diamond Sipper Water Bottle Ombre Pink 700ML
Bungee Backpack
Polka Dot Insulated Lunch Bag
Polka Dot Stainless Steel 750ml Water Bottle
Cats & Dogs Insulated Lunch Bag and 500ml Water Bottle
Football Insulated Lunch Bag with 500ml Water Bottle
Unicorn Pop-It Insulated Lunch Bag With Strap
Unicorn Bottle Kids Drink Bottle 450ml
Pink Crown Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 500ml
Sequin Backpack
Daisy Tent Lunch Bag
Daisy Sipper Water Bottle 700ml
Daisy Backpack
Bungee Grey Lunch Bag
Stainless Steel Double Walled 690ml Drink Bottle
Gamer Lenticular Lunch Bag
Gamer Colour Change Sipper Water Bottle 700ml
1 Litre Blue Sipper with Stainless Steel Straw and bonus straw cleaner
Gamer Lunch Box
1 Litre Purple Sipper with Stainless Steel Straw and bonus straw cleaner
Stainless Steel Double Walled Water Bottle 500ml Gold Crackle
Velvet Bee Bag
Tye Die Backpack
Be Bold Print Lunchbox